Start With Why

Welcome to Best Sight, a dedicated marketing blog/site for medical professionals.  When I say medical professions I am referring to the thousands of Physicians, Dentists, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, etc. that are in need of growing their Practices (aka Businesses) in the face of a major health-care revolution taking place today.  Best Sight hopes to offer these medical professionals key insights into today's marketing trends to help grow their practice and regain an competitive advantage in the market.


The inspiring book by Simon Sinek taught us all to start with a purpose, this blog is no different.  From my perspective Best Sight truly started as a need more-so than a want.  For years now medical professionals (Doctors) have been able to successfully manage their Practices by offering quality care and outstanding customer service.  Unfortunately, those days are gone. Today Doctors are faced with health-care reform, insane operating expenses, and reduced reimbursement rates. Essentially their expenses are rising and pay is dropping.  Medical professionals need to utilize common marketing trends in order to survive today.

Over the years I have been a marketing consultant for many colleagues and medical professionals and the one thing that is clear, Doctors are very uncomfortable with marketing. This discomfort comes from a preconceived notion that marketing is expensive, requires advanced education, and that marketing is expensive.

I hope we can break down these notions and shed some light on the fundamentals that every Doctor needs today to help grow their Practice. 


Best Sight is not an Ad Agency, we do not make websites for a living, we are not Social Media Managers per sae. This platform is not intended to offer marketing strategy for major health care corporations or hospital based physician groups.  They have enough money to pay for an advertising agency themselves.  

Best Sight is intended for the independent medical practice owners and professionals. We hope to offer insight and strategies to Doctors on ever changing marketing fundamentals and invite visionaries of other medical industries to contribute.


I am Dr. Craig Miller.  A practicing Optometrist by trade, a entrepreneur by life, and the founder of this blog by request.  Over the last few years I have helped many colleagues with their marketing, and what I have learned is that key marketing fundamentals are absent in many medical professionals business plans.  This blog aims to eliminate that.  I do not claim to be some sort of marketing wizard, nor do I pretend to be an expert.  I am just another Doctor who was able to build a very successful practice by focusing on the basics.  I am also not a writer, so expect a lot of typos and grammatical errors!

Some of the information provided may appear basic, other may seem too complicated, but all of it can have a positive affect on your practice.