9 Mistakes Practices Make On Social Media

 Regardless whether your Practice just dabbles in social media, or your social media marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders, you are going to make some mistakes.  Typos and wrong links are understandable and fixable.  Other mistakes may cost you customers, money, and even your reputation. 

Irfan Ahmad did a remarkable job in his recent article/infographic, 9 Mistakes Most Businesses Make on Social Media.  I feel Ahmad's infographic (see below) did such a fantastic job simplifying our social media mistakes, I wanted to break it down for the medical professional community.

  1. Focusing on the quantity of followers, not the quality.  Too many times Doctors and are overly focused on how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers their Practices have.  Instead, we should turn on focus on delivering high quality content strategically, and the follower count will come.
  2. Not posting engaging content regularly.  Constantly create quality content and follow your online marketing strategy to execute.
  3. Not converting followers into paid customers (patients).  If part of your online marketing strategy is to gain new patients (and why wouldn't it be) then be certain that you include some sort of 'call-to-action' in some of your posts to make it easy for potential patients to become current patients.
  4. Focusing on too many social media channels.  Doctors and Practice owners typically have a very limited amount of time and resources to dedicate to social media and online marketing.  Focus on the heavy hitters that best suites your Practice and do that better than your competitors.
  5. Having no 'Brand Personality'.  First step is to understand your Practice and the brand of your business. Now compliment this with your social media content.
  6. Spamming.  Don't do it. It will tarnish your brand and your reputation. See #2.
  7. Doing everything manually.  Again, time and resources are very valuable.  There are many different tools and programs that can automate the process of posting your social media content.
  8. Broadcasting the same message across all channels.  Many of your customers and patients may follow you on multiple platforms. Even if you want to share the same message be sure to change the timing of your delivery as to keep it fresh.
  9. Not having a strategy at all.  Flying by the seat of your pants is not flying, it's crashing.  Practices need a strong strategy to keep their social media marketing successful and stress-free.

9 Mistakes Most Business Make On Social Media. See Source

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