5 Marketing Tools Essential To Your Practice

Many Doctors and business owners I talk to have the impression that marketing and branding involves top dollar and an entire team to tackle.  Because of this misunderstanding many shy away from marketing in general and leave their business growth to chance.  This article outlines the most basic marketing and branding steps every medical business must take for a successful 21st century business practice.


It goes without saying that your website may be the most important marketing tool you have.  It is your modern day yellow pages, digital billboard, patient resource, communication tool, etc.  Your website should be clean, easy to navigate, and designed with your customers in mind.  Your business website should also include your branded business logo, locations address, and phone number.  It is also important to have photos and bio of all Doctors and medical professionals in your business.  

Regardless of the type of Practice your business is, you must approach your website as the epicenter of your businesses digital universe.  It must have attention constantly to stay up-to-date and relevant. Treat it like another location; keep it clean and updated. 


Google isn’t just a business on the internet, it is the internet.  Google users are conducting one trillion searches per year on google.  Although just a few of these searches have to do with your business in particular, it is important that you position your business to the maximum exposure possible. 

Claim your business - whether you know it or not, your business is on Google. This business has been used on Google Maps and other local Google services.  It is important that if your business is listed, but unverified, you take action immediately.  Google is reportedly removing all unverified businesses.  Visit Google My Business Page to claim your visit today.

It is very important that your business utilize the tools that Google offers.  These tools will help your customers stay connected with you and new customers find you. Start with Google My Business first and grow from there.

Email Marketing

There are 2.6 billion email users in the world today.  If you are not collecting your customer’s email addresses you should be starting right now.  As your email list grows it is important to utilize this resource through email marketing.  Email marketing is a crucial part of medical professional’s marketing plan.  It allows you to stay connected with your customers through newsletters, special offers, and education.  For many businesses, email marketing can capture extra sales of products or services between that may not have taken place at the time of your customer’s visit.

There are many email marketing tools out there in the marketplace and many patient communication tools allow you the ability to send customized emails to your customers as well.  Some of the more popular email marketing tools are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact

Social Media

You don’t have to be on EVERY social media outlet out there, but you do have to be ON social media.  Today 29% of people are using social media in one form or another.  One of the key benefits for medical professional businesses to be on social media is location based searches.  Today many users are using their favorite social media outlets, such as Facebook and Google+, as a way to search for a business.  It is important that your business have a presence here to be certain your name comes up in the search results. 

Driving Online Reviews

It's no secret that they are considering paying Doctors and medical professionals based on performance.  One way they can track performance is by online reviews.  Although legislation will ultimately sort out this nonsense, it is still important to drive positive reviews to your businesses name.

The most simple way to grow your online reviews is to ask for them.  If your Practice is successful it means that people have the trust and love in your business.  Now you just have to ask them to share that love.  Many businesses will ask patients to review them on Yelp or Google at the time of service.  Others may use email marketing to ask them.  Regardless of how you do it, it is important to ask.