Social Media Facts You Can't Ignore

Jeff Bullas, CEO of, broke down some interesting statistics in his article, "33 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2015".  Today I want to highlight some key points he makes so we can use them to help grow our businesses.

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5 Marketing Tools Essential To Your Practice

Many Doctors and business owners I talk to have the impression that marketing and branding involves top dollar and an entire team to tackle.  Because of this misunderstanding many shy away from marketing in general and leave their business growth to chance.  This article outlines the most basic marketing and branding steps every medical business must take for a successful 21st century business practice.

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9 Mistakes Practices Make On Social Media

 Regardless whether your Practice just dabbles in social media, or your social media marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders, you are going to make some mistakes.  Typos and wrong links are understandable and fixable.  Other mistakes may cost you customers, money, and even your reputation. 

Irfan Ahmad did a remarkable job in his recent article/infographic, 9 Mistakes Most Businesses Make on Social Media.  I feel Ahmad's infographic (see below) did such a fantastic job simplifying our social media mistakes, I wanted to break it down for the medical professional community.

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How To Boost Facebook Posts So Customers Actually See Them

We all understand that Facebook has grown up.  Just like it's big brother Google, gone are the days you can make your business page and just watch the "Fans" come following.  If you want to manage a successful Facebook page today you have to work, and pay for it.  Facebook only pushes your posts to roughly 10-16% of your Practice's Page fans.  To reach more people Facebook is requiring Page owners to "Boost" their posts, or essentially pay-to-play.  

Boosting Facebook posts can actually be very beneficial to your Practice and if managed strategically will help gain very critical Facebook market-share in your industry.

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Should I Have a Facebook Business Page

Many medical professionals and medical practice still do not have a Facebook page for their business.  The question today is, "Is it worth it?"

We examine if practices should develop their page as part of their marketing strategy as well as how to Pay To Play in facebook today

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