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There are a handful of Medical Professionals in the U.S. today that are seeing double digit growth in their Practices aka businesses in the face of healthcare reform, reduced compensation, and lack of access to many patients.  

How? They’re growing their business with simple and effective branding and marketing strategies.  These outliers, let’s call them Visionaries, are proving that it’s not just the big corporate guys and hospitals that get to grow and prosper in healthcare today.

With Best Sight, you’ll be introduced to effective branding and marketing strategies you can use to grow your business. These strategies vary from basic fundamentals and simple tips for businesses wanting to learn more about marketing, to more advanced strategies and insight for the more experienced business.  Just like any other great tool, Best Sight can only introduce you to these strategies, it’s up to you to use them. Don't worry, we're here to help you along the way.

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First off:  Best Sight was created with Doctors and Medical Professionals in mind.  Our content and strategies are not exclusive to the healthcare industry.  Anyone wanting to learn more about marketing and growing their business will find our articles and resources very useful.

Next:  Business=Practice, Customers=Patients, Growth=Customer Growth and/or Income Growth. Doctors and Medical Professionals=entrepreneurs, CEO’s, bloggers, start-ups, and so on. You will find these terms in all our articles and we interchange them a lot.  We also will use branding and marketing a lot.  Please note these terms are not the same thing.  However, we may use them often when speaking in generalities.

Best Sight approach to Branding

Branding is you. Branding is your image, your mission, your culture.  It is your promise to your customers, and delivering that promise over and over again builds trust and customer loyalty.  

Best Sight approach to Marketing

Marketing is anything you do to promote your products and services to grow your brand. Most marketing I see is not very effective, and many prime marketing opportunities are missed.  The Best Sight approach to marketing is to maximize strategies and efficiencies that will have a positive impact on your brand and business.

Let’s Focus On You

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I’m addicted to growth.  

People often ask why I became so focused on marketing. I tell them every time, I’m addicted to watching my business grow.  I have found that marketing was the most effective way to continually feed that addiction.

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